Our inner radiance can shine more fully when we attend to our self-care and create healthy balance in our lives. Today’s double 8 via 17 reminds us to drink deeply from our own replenished wells. How might you nourish yourself with the powerful Radiant Love Energies today?

April Numerology

New Perspectives

Welcome to April! The first quarter of the year has flown by but not without some powerful energies to contend with as we move through the alignment and adjustment brought on by the Universal 8. Long sentence for a simple truth: Life will seek its own balance.

As we head into this month, we are asked to consider what we want to let go of, how we want to open more fully to divine will, and what new perspectives are allowing us to fully receive the abundance of this year.

“Abundance of what?” you might ask. That’s a fair question. Each of us is having a unique experience. Right now, you might feel like you are having an abundance of lessons around money or health. Or you might be living your dream. Look to your astrology chart for some clues about WHERE the extra resources are being stored or shared. Where do you stand after the Uranus-Pluto square? What has been activated in your chart? In your life?

We have been riding a huge wave of energy through this eclipse portal. What has been showing up for you? When you can identify some of the ‘issues’ or challenges, you can also pinpoint the blessings and gifts by using April’s 12 energy of surrendering to new perspectives.

If you want to learn more about your personal growth path and how your Celestial Support System is supporting you, you can reach me HERE to schedule sessions.

Trust your Support System! Adjustments mean greater flow, greater health, more resources and more.

2015: The Year of True Wealth

Abundance, Balance, Equilibrium, Prosperity,
Inner Power/Authority, Truth, Adjustment

This is a powerful year. We are invited to consider our relationships with ourselves, our life’s purpose, our energy, our finances, our health.

Balance is the keynote in every way.

Prosperity through a balanced approach is possible through a renewed commitment to:
• Self-care
• Gratitude
• Simplifying
• Meditation and Visualization
• Staying Centered in your Source
• Dedication to Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health
• Releasing patterns of doubt, over-extension, self-judgment, delusion, and fear

The best use of 8 Energy is to
• Cultivate your Inner Power
• Be truthful and direct
• Express yourself authentically
• Apply creative ideas in tangible and useful ways

The gifts of this year are
• Balance
• Clarity
• Power
• Prudence
• Wisdom
• Self-Esteem
• Radiance
• Abundance
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