Living as an Intuitive has allowed Jeannine to connect with others from a deep place of understanding and compassion. A desire to serve fully and sensitively, has led to her passion for holistic healing modalities that offer alignment with truth. With Yoga being a lifelong passion and practice, Jeannine was able to bring her love of Yoga to others after receiving her Teacher Training with Erich Schiffmann in Santa Barbara, Ca., in 2003.

Jeannine began hands on healing work in 2000 with Reiki Levels 1 & 2, initiated from the late Reiki Master Jean C. Ferris, and her studies of Western Massage Therapy at Mueller College of Holistic Studies in San Diego, Ca., where she later taught. She continued learning with the Asian Holistic Healing Certification through Mueller College and at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China, in 2001, bringing the depth of her hands on skills along with her powerful Intuitive gifts, to many.

Hands on healing gave Jeannine the opportunity to approach and explore the depths of herclients needs, not only from a physical level but from the whole being...emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. In the early 2000’s, her path eventually led her to work closely with those in Hospice, allowing her to focus mainly on her Intuitive Channeling, along with the power of understanding and energetic healing.

Drawn to the stars and Astrology since childhood, Jeannine found a deep resonance with Stephanie’s work in 2007, and after her first Chart Reading with Stephanie, knew that this was to be the next most important tool to add to her offerings as a healer. The resonance, frequency and evolved purity that is the 5D Cosmic Consciousness System, took Jeannine further in her self-realization process so quickly and with such clarity, more than anything had before. Experiencing this, she then became a student of Cosmic Consciousness and is now a Certified Facilitator of 5D Astrology.

From her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jeannine is now sharing with her clients, the awareness that 5D Cosmic Consciousness offers, along with her Reiki Healing and Intuitive Readings.

If you would like a private Intuitive Reading, 5D Astrology Chart Reading, or Distance Reiki Healing with Jeannine you can email her at or connect with