Marie DesRoches

(720) 340-4670

Marie has been interested in numerology, healing, wholeness, symbols, life’s mysteries, and spirituality all her life. When she had her first numerology reading in 1975, it awakened within her an instant passion to learn its secrets and apply them to her life. She has studied, practiced, and applied this profound gift of using the message of numbers in her own life and with her clients for over 30 years. Her passion is wholeness, balance, and empowerment for herself and for her clients. She practices “wholeness and healing” with her clients out of her home in Colorado under the business name “Quiet Mountains.”

Marie grew up in Maine, went to school in Boston, and moved to California in 1972 where she raised her family and had a 20 year career with HP. During that time she studied with numerous experts and became certified in the areas of healing she now uses: Archetype Readings, Numerology, Reiki, Feng Shui, and Integrated Energy Therapy.

In 2009, within two months of her divorce from her husband of 44 years, she was directed to Stephanie’s website. There was an instant resonance with Stephanie and her writings. She became a student of Cosmic Path Initiation in 2010 which intensified the already evolving transformation within her as she engaged with the Ascended Masters through that profound year long course.

Marie has the gift of understanding multiple principles and “seeing” the connection between them, the perfection in them, and the order in them, and is able to synthesize their complexity into its essence for practical use by her clients and herself. It gives her great joy to hold up a mirror in front of a client so that he/she may “see” the incredible presence that they are. She is passionate in her quest for freedom, independence, respect, uniqueness, and empowerment for her clients, for herself, and for all.

For more information about Marie’s work, please visit her website: Or call her at (720) 340-4670