Libra Full Moon

8’18 Libra

March 28th, 2021

2:48PM EDT, 18:48PM GMT

Welcome to the Libra Full Moon event, which is rich with an Aries stellium that is assisting us in harnessing our power towards living our heart’s desires.
The Aries stellium features a triple conjunction of the Sun, Chiron and Venus, with Salacia and Ceres nearby, flanking each end of this triple conjunction.  This is beautiful.  A Sun/Chiron/Venus conjunction speaks to a beautiful wholing with the personality and the heart.  With Salacia (Neptune’s wife) and Ceres (Inner Midwife) bookending this conjunction we know that this has to do with the Divine Feminine, emotions, nurturing, and birthing the new. Eris is still in Aries, of course, so expect a little inner disruption that will move you in the direction that will serve you best. 
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March 13, 2021

New Moon 23 Pisces 03

2:21am PT; 5:21am EST; 10:21am GMT

Looks like all the planets are gathered up and ready to go!
It is not a race...though it kinda feels like it. It is Spring energy. All the planets in the solar system are going direct.  AND this is the day that Mercury recovers his shadow (going back to January when the retrograde journey began). Mercury, the avatar of the new divine masculine, begins another new cycle at 27 Aquarius, in the last degrees of the Spiritual Love hour. So here we are again, except this time our inner operating systems are upgraded and ready to rip.

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Full Snow Moon in Virgo

February 27, 2021

08 Virgo 57

3:17 am EST

For millennia, people across Europe, as well as Native American tribes, named the months after features they associated with the Northern Hemisphere seasons, and many of these names are very similar or identical ( The February Full Moon is commonly known as the Snow Moon. This year, across the entire global Northern Hemisphere from North America through Europe, Northern Africa and Asia we all have experienced unprecedented accumulations of snowfall. Typically, snow is associated with cold and unpleasant attributes; however, every snowflake contains an inner beauty held within its crystalline structure that serves as a reminder that every human also has a unique inner beauty waiting to be discovered and revealed.
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New Moon 23 Aquarius 16

February 11, 2021

7:05 pm GMT; 2:05 pm EST; 11:05 am PT

In the middle of another beginning.
Would you look at that beautiful stellium in Aquarius?! On a day made only of zeros, ones and twos (02-11-2021)! This feels like tasting the most delicious, mind-blowingly complex dish that is both sweet and savory, but made from just a few basic ingredients.  
The first Aquarian new Moon since Jupiter and Saturn came together in Aquarius seems big. Do you get the sense that St. Germaine is near? In some realm, the ascended master of Aquarian consciousness is standing by and waving us in.
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