Sunday, April 15, 2018

9:57pm EDT, 6:57pm PDT, 2:57am (4/16) GDT

26 Aries 02


The Libra Full Moon on 31 March gave us the opportunity to really examine how we look at “the Other”, that is, what appears to be “not us.” The journey from that Full Moon to this New Moon brought into full view all the ways we identify something as ‘not us.”  The reality is that we are part of everything. Each of us is a unique expression of Source, and the life each of us is living is a one-time deal. What that means is we have this one lifetime to achieve the plans and goals we set in place before we were born. This is reflected in the natal chart—which can be considered our own plot of land where we have placed key qualities of consciousness (signs) and archetypes (planets and points) to assist our navigation through our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body experiences.

This is a core premise of Cosmic Consciousness--that we have consciously chosen our natal charts, and that everything we put in that chart facilitates our own ascension, ultimately delivering us back to Source.
The Libra Full Moon two weeks ago provided an objective lens through which we can look at our current circumstances and identify what we perceive to be “good or bad,” “helpful or obstructive,” “problem or boon,” and so on.  The more we perceive how we identify things in our lives, the easier it becomes to understand what have we created. It all leads back to our Selves, and this is where the Aries New Moon begins as well.

The Aries quality of consciousness is all about the individual spark of inspiration that leads us to create. Creation starts with awareness, and Aries energy is the spark of Light that produces Self-awareness. When there is Light we can see ourselves, and, because we are Source in physical form, the Light helps us to create definitions, boundaries, forms, and structure.
A New Moon in Aries provides the power to hit the reset button on how we want to define our Self and, in doing so, recreate a world that is aligned with our aspirations and goals. It is not about waking up and manifesting an entirely new physical world—we are all already engaged in that process as a global collective. What this reset is about is our individual contributions to the collective human consciousness. This is where we have the power and authority to create a new perspective by tapping into our ability to make use of our own Light and the vision that results.

The most important thing to remember for this Aries New Moon is that we spark the Light first within ourselves through our connection to Source and then add it to the collective. The New Moon takes place within and powerfully energizes the Light Bridge between Haumea at 24 Libra 42 (where we perceive how our individual and collective energies engage with Wholeness) and Eris at 23 Aries 26 (our inner awakener). Uranus is still part of this Light Bridge at 28 Aries 20, showing us how external events serve to awaken us. In between the two Great Awakeners Eris and Uranus sit the Moon and Sun at 26 Aries 2. This tight cluster of planets in Aries is super concentrated and may feel like an urge for action. The call is to stay open to flashes of intuition and insight and allow these to take shape between now and the next Full Moon on April 29 in Scorpio. Scorpio is the place where things can manifest.
Pluto, stationing all week at 21 Capricorn 17 is in a stepping-stone (square) with the New Moon, providing the transformational energies we need to bring about a true shift into our newly realized personal vision.
Varuna at the master degree of 29 Cancer 31 is also in a stepping-stone to the New Moon, making for the most objective perspective possible to help us realize how we work with our own emotions.  The Aries New Moon provides the bravery needed to use this perspective.
Chiron is in the last minutes of the mastery degree of 29 Pisces before moving into Aries on 17 April. If there is something that feels unfinished, or unresolved preventing a sense of wholeness, remember that Chiron as the inner Master-Teacher-Healer always provides the means for wholing. If something unexpectedly comes up, Chiron will show us where the tools are to address it to complete the wholing process. Chiron will come back to Pisces in late September, allowing for another pass to complete this process, if needed.
For a while now Stephanie Azaria has been discussing the very rare once in a lifetime movement of the Black Moon Lilith in her daily blog. The Black Moon is at the world access point of 29 Sagittarius/ 0 Capricorn during the New Moon. In our natal charts the Black Moon Lilith is where we can access the Divine Feminine within.
In the Black Moon’s many conjunctions with Saturn this year, we will gain a fresh perspective on how the Divine Feminine is currently manifesting. Each time she moves into conjunction with Saturn another part of how the Divine Feminine energy engages with the Patriarchy and our own inner sense of authority and a shift takes place. This world axis point is open to all of us to individually to perceive how we define the process of creation, nurturing, destruction.

With the Black Moon at 29 Sagittarius during the New Moon, we have the opportunity to become much more fully aware of our individual and perhaps stereotypical conceptions of the Divine Feminine. As we do this, we create the space for a new vision to form, for ourselves, and as part of the global collective. The Divine Feminine is coming into a new manifestation that we are each fully responsible for creating. The New Moon is the perfect time to recognize the role we each play in this process.


Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon. If you have any comments, you can send an email to: