Thursday July 12, 2018

10:48pm ET, 7:48pm PT, 3:48am (7/13) GT

20 Cancer 41


The Full Moon at 8 Capricorn last June 28th provided us with the vista we needed to observe our movement through the wormhole. With this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse at 21 Cancer we have the opportunity to reboot our consciousness through our emotional body, and a chance at a sideways elevator experience, however that may manifest. The Moon is dignified in Cancer—this is where all the Cancerian attributes of nurturing and being comfortable with ourselves are experienced in their purest and most tangible form. The Cancer quality of consciousness is where we allow our Selves to experience our feelings as energy in-motion. This is a real gift, as it is easy to judge feelings as they arise through self-censorship. The Capricorn Full Moon showed us where we put strictures on our Selves, and how we confuse these strictures with structure that only appears unmovable.
                                                       Kissing the Earth by Alan Bean, 1994;
Everything can change and will change—this is the nature of energy. We experience change most personally through our emotions and feelings, and project these collectively outward through our families and the communities, societies, and countries that we live in. Cancer reveals the potency of our emotions-which emerge from the unconscious and reflect our life experience. Feelings are where we translate emotion into a reaction or a response. A reaction-based feeling is based on habit. The consequence of a reaction is that we follow familiar subconscious emotional patterns. A response-based feeling involves an awareness of what is happening at that moment, and this awareness makes it possible to change a habitual response, if we choose to do so. Reading this, it may seem like there is inherent bias forming: reaction = bad, response = good. In fact, there is no such thing as good OR bad. The point is our emotions and then feelings get so tangled that it is hard to let them just be and flow through us. And that is the point about the Cancer quality of consciousness—inner harmony is achieved by just allowing ourselves to feel everything and then deciding how we want to respond.

Blackwater River, Ireland
The symbol for Cancer is the river. All rivers start somewhere, from a spring or a bunch of smaller tributaries coming together to form a defined flow of water. Finding the headwaters of a river is important because it tells us so much about the quality and the sustainability of the water source. Rivers always flow—if they stop flowing they become something else. A river’s surface may appear placid while what is below can be quite involved. The riverbed may have rocks, grooves, and other physical features, and the river water itself is carrying many unseen things. The river banks which channel the water vary continuously depending upon the topography of the land, soil composition, etc. Like a river, our emotions stem from sources unseen to our conscious minds, and we usually are unaware of them until they need to emerge, showing us something needs to be addressed.
“When an emotion rises, it’s a moment of enlightenment. You are in your unconscious. Our journey is to make that which is unconscious, conscious. That’s what we call life, and we’re all on the same path.” Derek O’Neill:
Our task is to attend to how we feel about those emotions—and to remember that this is a continuous exercise. Rivers, like our unconsciousness, do not stop for sleep or time-out breaks.  A Cancer New Moon gives us the opportunity to acknowledge this, and ask for two things: first for the self-empowerment to accept the flow of emotions fully, and second for greater awareness so we can respond consciously as much as is possible. Because this is a New Moon—a new start that also contains a sideways elevator (a solar eclipse)-we have a real opportunity to gain perspective on the unconscious source of our emotions and how we work with our feelings.  It is like discovering the headwaters of a river. Our full Selves are the source of our emotions and feelings, and our life's journey is to travel this river of energy in-motion.

Lake Itasca, Minnesota, the purported headwaters of the Mississippi River. Photo by Brian Peterson, Minneapolis Star Tribune

The New Moon at 21 Cancer forms a perfect bridge with Pluto (rebirth and resurrection) at 20 Capricorn retrograde. This bridge provides an excellent vantage point to confidently go as deep as we can to ask for those two things: the inner Self-empowerment to accept the flow of emotions fully; and the expanded awareness to respond consciously. Capricorn provides the inner authority to do this, and Cancer is the source of all that nurtures, providing ample safe space. Assisting Pluto is the Black Moon Lilith (where we access the Divine Feminine within ourSelves) at 24 Capricorn, and the fixed star Sirius at 14 Cancer (where we access the Divine Intuition) which is conjunct the New Moon. We can be assured that any reboot we feel is fully aligned with our Selves a real turning of the page.
The New Moon/Pluto bridge is in a Power Crossroad (formerly a cardinal grand cross) with the ongoing Light Bridge comprised of the 5D planets Haumea (unity consciousness) at 23 Libra and Eris (awakening inner disruption) at 24 Aries. In a Power Crossroad we stand at the nexus, with the ability to travel down all roads simultaneously. We can be confident that the reboot of our emotional body will generate a creative surge, where we can approach any situation that shows up prior to the New Moon with the energy to form something new.
The ongoing Power Light Bridge between Chiron (our capacity to “whole” our Selves) at 2 Aries retrograde, with MakeMake (where we access the more universal laws) at 2 Libra, inspires us to make sure that any resolution we feel about a situation is also in alignment with our Selves and everything in our world. Saturn (inner authority) at 4 Capricorn retrograde is conjunct Quaoar (our capacity to change paradigms) at 0 Capricorn and in an intersection (square) to the Chiron/MakeMake Light Bridge; providing the impetus to share our insights with others in a way that they can understand. Saturn’s station just after the New Moon will make whatever we do with this intersection tangible and obvious to everyone.
Venus (how we express love) at 3 Virgo is in a new cycle (conjunction) with Ceres (our capacity to midwife new consciousness) at 6 Virgo. Cancer represents the Earth Mother and Virgo represents the Divine Mother. With Venus and Ceres working together in Virgo, the reboot of our emotions/feelings (emotional body) will flow easily into alignment with the spiritual, mental, and physical bodies that comprise our full Selves.

Mars at 7 Aquarius, in a new cycle with the Earth Star (south node) at 6 Aquarius, is awakening us to the truth about our past and future—revealing that time is only a construct that we use to live in human bodies on planet Earth. We can use this new cycle during the New Moon to reframe how we feel about our lives to date. The lunar eclipse, due on July 27th, will occur right here at this conjunction with Mars and the Earth Star. We may also want to change part of our lifestyle to match this, once we get the flash insight that Aquarius always provides.  It usually has to do with recognizing that we need to love and accept our Selves, unconditionally, as a mother loves a tiny baby as sacred space.  All Self-awakening and positive change follows when we put our hearts into it.

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