15 August 2019

Full Moon 22 Aquarius 24 end of eclipse

8:30 am EDT

We have moved on from the wormhole closure last July 31 with a renewed sense of Self that the Leo New Moon brought to us. It was an empowering moment, and hopefully we all paid attention, if just for a minute. Whether you now feel upright or buffeted by the winds of chaos, the New Moon provided a renewal, regardless. The Sun has this kind of effect—most all things on Earth need the Sun to grow. Think about the first few seconds when we step from shadow into sunlight. There is a moment where we adjust our vision, and our skin –our largest organ-calibrates to the temperature change. It is also when we step into direct sunlight that we see our shadow. This is much better than not being able to make out things that may be lurking in our subconsciousness. When we see our shadow—the response is “Hey there I am.” And this is how we feel when things that are hidden come to light. It’s an “ohhhh…’that’ is what was hiding there” moment.
Image by Del Green from Pixabay. Used courtesy of the Pixabay license. https://pixabay.com/photos/shadows-people-man-standing-dark-415331/
The Full Moon is at 22 Aquarius, and an Aquarian Moon signifies emotional intelligence. Aquarius is where we can watch ourselves operate and do so with compassion and detachment. This part of our energy field is where we learn to love our Selves unconditionally—no matter what. Part of duality involves a hide-and-seek game with our Self-the I Am presence-and the ego. When we do not love or acknowledge our Selves, a program that we all have kicks in and we receive an awakening. This program is part of the “standard issue package” of being human. Each of us created this program before we were born. The program is ‘love or fear’—being emotionally open or closed off. This awakening moment always occurs in a way that we need to hear it, and it usually gets our immediate attention. It may be in a form that is positive, neutral, or negative. It is designed to take us back to our core Self and remind us that it is from here that our lives generate. Everything we feel, see, hear, touch, experience, and do emanates from the inner and manifests to the outer. This is amazing because we do this individually and collectively on a continual basis and are generally unconscious about it. Now is time to recognize how unique we humans are. We each have the capacity to wake our Selves up and by doing so, we also wake each other.
Uranus disposes Aquarius, and Uranus went retrograde on August 11. Currently at 7 Taurus, this placement provides a grounding of the sudden revelations that Uranus always brings. It also brings a new awareness to the condition of the planet Earth. The retrograde Uranus will direct these awakenings toward our inner understanding. A flash of lightening makes everything visible, like a flare gun shot. Everything is seen, while there is an attention-getting cracking sound with a deep roll of thunder. Our attention is totally riveted for those few seconds. The trick is not just to go on, but to stop and pay attention to what was just seen, thought, or felt during the lightning strike or right before or afterwards.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay. https://pixabay.com/photos/lightning-bolt-lightning-power-768801/
The Sun is at 22 Leo creating a beautiful bridge with the Moon and is in a new cycle (conjunction) with Venus (how we love) at 22 Leo. This Sun/Venus new cycle creates a feeling of heart-based expansiveness. Juno (where we experience Unity Consciousness) is also conjunct the Sun/Venus at 26 Leo, and Mars (how we move our energy) is at 28 Leo. There is an opportunity to act in concert with each other and get the needful done. The bridge created by the Full Moon to this Leo stellium (grouping) gives us a perspective to use when viewing any event occurring between the Full Moon and the next New Moon on August 30. Like with the Sun, sometimes a bright Full Moon creates a shadow as well. We can use the Moon shadow as a way to gently remind ourselves of how big we really are. We need to step forward, get on this bridge and use the energy of the Juno and Mars archetype combination. On the bridge, we have the opportunity to use a new level of emotional intelligence when challenged with difficult circumstances. Mercury (how we communicate) at 5 Leo has fully recovered his shadow as of today and is now moving forward into a brand new chapter. This means communications can be more lucid and easier to hear.
Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay; used courtesy of https://pixabay.com/photos/alone-astronomy-blue-2297211/
In resource (semi-sextile) to the Moon is Eris at 24 Aries. Eris is our inner disrupter, and this energy can help generate action or shed light on emotional situations we may need to address. And there is plenty that we can be agitated about.
There is a Grand Manifestation (trine) with the Moon, formed with Astraea (where we realize our pure feminine essence) at 30 Gemini. The other leg of the manifestation is created by a stellium comprised of Haumea (where we generate Unity Consciousness) at 25 Libra, Pallas Athena (where we find wisdom) at 26 Libra, and the Fixed Star Arcturus (science and technological innovation) at 24 Libra. There is a driving need to come up with new ways to live on our planet that do not cause destruction of our oceans, air, and land. This manifestation supports new ideas and helps bring them forward.
The Full Moon is in a stepping stone (square) with Vesta (where we find devotion) at Taurus 23, and with Sedna (where we access the memory of our feminine Selves) at 30 Taurus. There is a new purposefulness to how we approach the state of our oceans—Sedna is reminding us of the importance of all ocean creatures to the web of life on Earth. This stepping stone propels us to seek new ways of addressing this issue.
The ongoing Power Crossroad (cardinal cross) continues to provide the overall backdrop. It is a highly charged, and, at the most mundane, reflects the polarization we are experiencing, especially regarding external authority and self-reliance; the traditional patriarchy and matriarchy; and the me-too movement. It is important to let this polarity play out, while we stand in the middle of the crossroads. One arm is formed by the Soul Star (North Node, where we encounter our destiny) at 17 Cancer and the Fixed Star Sirius (where we access the wisdom of the Masters) at 14 Cancer. Humanity is beginning to align in a positive direction. These two are bridging and holding their own with a stellium comprised of Saturn (where we access inner authority) at 15 Capricorn; the Earth Star (South Node, where we work with our karma) at 17 Capricorn; the centaur Chariklo (the stabilizer) at 21 Capricorn; and Pluto (where we transform) at 21 Capricorn. We are collectively participating in and transforming how power is used. Forming the Crossroad is the dissipating Light Bridge between Haumea and Arcturus bridging with Eris. There may be times when the odds seem impossible, and we are out of our element. With a different perspective, however, anything is possible.
Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay; used courtesy of https://pixabay.com/photos/swimmer-sport-swim-water-crawl-1678307/
The world around us might feel a little weird or even bizarre during the Full Moon. Things that are getting lit up may not look the same way in moonlight as they do in daylight. By paying attention to the shadows created by both the Sun and the Moon, we may all of a sudden find that we see more dimensions than we were previously aware of regarding our individual and collective situations. But then, this is Aquarius, and we need to expect the unexpected.
Image by Henri Apell from Pixabay. Used courtesy of https://pixabay.com/illustrations/rose-mandala-red-ornament-decor-1583730/

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send me an email at: viviansmall2017@gmail.com