12 December 2019

Full Moon 19 Gemini 51

12:12 am EST

We speak of the journey between the New Moon to the Full Moon and vice versa each month because it is a real passage. We can visually see it when nights are clear, and we are aware that there are rhythms on earth that resonate with the phase of the Moon. This journey also represents an emotional journey we take through time and space, learning to recognize, observe, and then work with our feelings. The Moon passage shows how to love through the dichotomy of Love and fear, Love and fear, Love and fear, which frames our daily lives. The Sagittarius New Moon set us up to clear out emotional reactions that no longer serve us and to seek higher ground, or Satsang, where we could regain the inspiration so vital to moving forward. This isn’t easy, and we may have felt like we stepped forward only to have a “snap back “moment. We are also two weeks into a wormhole, so the journey from the new Moon to this Full Moon in Gemini may have felt anything but straightforward.
Image by Gerd Altmann used courtesy of the Pixabay license. https://pixabay.com/photos/head-beyond-clouds-sky-2748333/
This is because Sagittarius must take us over old ground until we are truly done with it. Most of us do not know we are done with something until time afterwards. We may think we are done, just to have the situation revisit us again and again until we are able to work with it, transcend it, or just leave it behind. We may think we know when we are done because it feels like we are. But only our SuperConciousness knows when a task is truly done.
The Sagittarian quality of our Consciousness forms a polarity with Gemini, where we really feel the movement of mixed up movement because Gemini is always in motion. Through the process of seeking wisdom, we have to go through experiences and “get” the message of these experiences. Gemini reminds us that there are many different facets to these experiences, and no one interpretation is fixed for all time. The goal for Gemini is to find the center and translate this into wisdom in action each moment. Literally it is to walk the talk, with the awareness that our actions speak how we truly feel, no matter how much we may believe otherwise.
The Full Moon is at 20 Gemini and is disposed by Mercury. Because the Full Moon is taking place within a wormhole, we can expect the unexpected regarding communications. Gemini works to ensure that all aspects have been considered, so we can expect more communication about things that we may not have previously given much attention to. Mercury is at 4 Sagittarius, the same degree as the New Moon was. The act of communicating is as important as what is being communicated, and with this Full Moon this takes on greater urgency. Even if there is a revisitation of an issue that emerged during the Sagittarius New Moon, there will be more clarity and a way forward for action that may not have been clear before.
The Moon is in intimacy (semi-sextile) with the Fixed Star (where we access the wisdom of the ages) Sirius at 14 Cancer. Consider this….a Gemini Full Moon showing us all the facets of how our feelings and thoughts interact with the opportunity to tap into the accumulated wisdom of the Masters. That is worth a full meditation by itself.
Image by Gerd Altmann used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/illustrations/background-structure-lines-4595809/
The Moon is in manifestation with Juno (where we find Unity Consciousness) at 13 Libra, along with the Fixed Star Arcturus (scientific innovation) at 24 Libra, and Haumea (where we create Unity Consciousness) at 28 Libra. Added to the glimmering revelations we feel through the Full Moon experience, there is a profoundly social focus to support science-based solutions for issues that bedevil humankind. Science refers here to the willingness to use an objective perspective and method while testing a hypothesis. This is an exciting, prospect, and we can expect at least discussion to start up again about solutions that benefit more than one person, community, culture, or country.
Image by Gerd Altmann used courtesy of the Pixabay license https://pixabay.com/illustrations/quantum-physics-ellipse-man-4550597/
The Full Moon has two stepping stones (squares), the first with Orcus (where we recognize the immortal) at 12 Virgo. We could feel challenged to take the high ground and recognize that there is a greater good that stands above all, and is always present. Similarly, the Moon is in a stepping stone with Neptune (where we are inspired) at 16 Pisces. It could be that we feel inspired but also very scattered. The key is to work with both squares, as they form a Grand Wisdom Crossroad (Grand Mutable Cross) when the Sun (our identity) at 20 Sagittarius conjunct Pallas Athena (where we access feminine wisdom) at 15 Sagittarius are brought in. The Moon/Sun bridge reminds us that when we use the observer’s perch -- our center still point -- to watch our ego identity flow along through our feelings, we can gain greater perspectives as we go through each experience. And there will be plenty of experiences to be had, reminding us that Earth is the place to experience the ying/yang, the Love/fear dichotomies.
Image by Gerd Altmann used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/illustrations/star-of-bethlehem-poinsettia-star-4655835/
There is also a great eliminator (inconjunct) between the Moon and Mars at 15 Scorpio. This is a world access degree, felt by everyone on the planet. There will be opportunities to pause before acting. And this pause could mean for each of us individually and globally.
Image by Gerd Altmann used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/illustrations/earth-globe-water-wave-sea-lake-4669631/
The Moon’s nodes remain quite prominent and create a vivid backdrop for the Full Moon. The Soul Star (North Node, where we tap into our destiny) is at 8 Cancer, reminding us to practice self-nurture and support a culture that allows others to do so as well. The Earth Star at 8 Capricorn is part of an eight planet and point stellium (grouping). This stellium starts with Jupiter (where we expand) at 2, Quaoar (where we access new paradigms) at 3, Ceres (where we midwife the new) at 10, Saturn (where we access inner authority) at 19, Venus (how we love) at 20, Pluto (where we transform) at 21, and Chariklo (where we stabilize) at 22 Capricorn.
This stellium points to an expansion of our social awareness of just how crucial the compassionate and wise divine masculine is to the future of the planet. The Bridge (opposition) between the nodes reminds us that we are at the critical tipping point where each of us must come to terms with our inner matriarchy and patriarchy. There is an abundance of different models for the future in front of us, and this Gemini Full Moon will show us as many as we wish to see. There is no need to go into fear—the secret to navigating Gemini is to continuously bring ourselves back to the center point.
Image by Gerd Altmann, used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/illustrations/candles-light-shining-bokeh-4674381/
Please read Stephanie Azaria’s blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly column, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring during this Full Moon. Comments can be sent to viviansmall2017@gmail.com