Monday June 3,2019

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12 Gemini 34 

We have arrived at the Gemini New Moon, after a deep dive into our Scorpio quality of consciousness, through the last Full Moon, which allowed access to our deepest beliefs. We may have been surprised or reassured as these beliefs emerged during the Full Moon passage. Our Scorpio consciousness was able to use whatever information came up to transform anything we have not been comfortable with, or which needed to be changed. The transformation process started as soon as we recognized our discomfort.
Beliefs are stored in our subconsciousness, and are fed by a continuous filtering process that our brains use to deal with the continuous flow of information we encounter every second. We filter this information using the anchoring core beliefs we have. What we believe is based upon our unique individual life experience with the interactions we have with the Other. This includes our families, social circles, work colleagues, intentional communities, and outward to our multiple shared identities regarding the government and countries we live in. We continually reinforce our beliefs through experience, until we are challenged to make a change.
Moving from Scorpio to Gemini means transitioning from exploration of our depths to how we actually communicate what we believe to ourselves and to others. We move from our inner motivations to what we express externally. The Gemini quality of consciousness represents our thinking and communication modalities. It is all the same stuff-but in a different format. Scorpio teaches us that we are all Unity consciousness hiding in plain sight, cloaked by our individuality.  Gemini takes us to the glorious way we all express this within in the 3D environment we continuously work with here on this beautiful planet Earth.
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The image for Gemini is the Diamond—and this part of our consciousness is relentlessly searching for something to reflect off of, to interact with, to engage with, and then move to higher ground.  After all, Light has to bounce off of something to be seen. We are able to become less self-obsessed through Gemini, because we are interacting with the Other. In conversation with another person, as we receive new information, there is a moment where we experience the die-mind. This is before our internal filtering process starts, accepting or rejecting that which matches with our core beliefs.
It is at that moment when a perfect balance between mind and heart is possible. We find with Gemini that along with the interaction is the quiet, still center. The false duality between the mind and heart that we experience by living in a 3D human body disappears. The more we practice mindfulness, the longer this moment becomes, providing the space to respond with more dimension instead of just reacting to the new information. We do the same with our physical environment through the information received through our five senses, on a continuous basis, whether we are awake or asleep.
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 The New Moon and the Sun are at 12 Gemini and are disposed by the planet Mercury, at 29 Gemini. This is the master degree of a sign, and provides the opportunity to embrace the full spectrum of what Gemini represents, where we are empowered to work from a perfect balance of mind and heart. It bears remembering that this is an intrinsic human ability that we all have.
The New Moon event asks us to look carefully at how we construct our messages—the ones we give to ourselves and the ones we share with others, whether we are aware of them or not. Is what we communicate all about me, or are they about Us? Do they convert information into a meaningful message that opens up our belief systems? Our brains are wired to act based on our beliefs. It is easy to become confused by our habitual thought loops unless we actively focus on that moment of perfect receptivity described above, where we are expressing Love through our thoughts and words. The New Moon event spans most of Gemini and because it involves our core identities (the Moon and Sun) plus Mercury, we will have ample opportunity to experience to practice this.
We can expect a lot of information from the usual sources, and also from unusual quarters, because this New Moon opens the wormhole that will be active through 31 July. Mercury will go through a retrograde cycle during the wormhole, so we will have opportunities to watch and examine our thought processes from many new perspectives. Think of the structure of an atom—a core unit of all matter. Atoms are made of electrons orbiting around a nucleus. The atom is in a neutral state unless it interacts with either a positively or negatively charged election. Once that contact is made, then a flow of energy (such as electricity) can be generated. If we think of Ourselves as the nucleus, and our thoughts as electrons, we can see that we have a role in generating the positive or negative flow of energy through our thoughts, responses and actions.  We need both the positive and negative for anything to move or activate, just as we need shadow in order to comprehend light here on Earth.
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The New Moon is in intimacy (semi-sextile) with Mars (how we move or act) at 12 Cancer, which is conjunct the Fixed Star Sirius (where we tap the wisdom of the Masters) at 14 Cancer. This is an additional lift, as while the Scorpio part of our consciousness takes us to our innermost core; it is Cancer that sits at our very core. We will be able to take action and know that it is coming from the most well-informed part of ourselves. Also in the intimacy relationship are the Soul Star (North Node, where we access our destiny) at 18 Cancer, which is conjunct Juno (where we find the Unity inherent in all relationships) at 21 Cancer. This stellium (grouping) of planetary archetypes in Cancer also lends their qualities energetically to the New Moon. Our actions can express our yearning to experience Unity consciousness at this time.
A beautiful Grand Air Manifestation (trine) is formed by the New Moon event, which allows innovative ideas that may have seemed hidden to rise to flow freely without impediment our relationships. This manifestation is formed with the Sun/Moon, Pallas Athena (where we access Divine Feminine wisdom) at 10 Libra conjunct MakeMake (where we access universal principles related to Love, Truth, and Peace) at 4 Libra; and with the Black Moon Lilith (where we unveil the Truth to ourselves) at 16 Aquarius. Air energy follows the path of least resistance and can take us to places we never dreamt were possible.
The New Moon is in a stepping stone (square) with Neptune (where we enlighten ourselves) at 19 Pisces and we will be challenged to both identify the truth and also realize there may be many different aspects and qualities to the Truth. This could feel confusing at times, as most of us attach an emotional charge to what we consider as the Truth. The Moon is also in a stepping stone with Orcus (where we find what is immortal) at 9 Virgo. Orcus adds a steadying influence to anytime we may feel somewhat at a loss with, like using the low beam of our car lights on a foggy road to safely find our way.
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 Ceres (where we birth new things) at 6 Sagittarius is bridging the New Moon, adding movement toward bringing forth things that we really care about. As well, Jupiter (where we expand) at 20 Sagittarius is also bridging the Moon. As with all new Moons, this is the time to check that the gestation of something new is receiving the care it needs to move forward.
The energy of the ongoing Grand Power Crossroad remains strong and provides a background of dynamism to the New Moon. The ongoing Light Bridge between Haumea (where we create Unity consciousness) at 24 Libra with Eris (our inner disrupter at 24 Aries deserves attention as it will start to dissipate over the remainder of the year. This Light Bridge, which has been with us for seven years and has stimulated all of humanity to look beyond the institutions and structures we have put so much faith in. This Light Bridge has not been an easy one to travel on, and we are beginning to have an inkling about how far it has helped us travel.
Forming the Crossroad is the Light Bridge between the two qualities of consciousness that we most associate with nurturing and achievement. One end is comprised of the Soul Star, Juno, Sirius, and Mars in Cancer, while the other is a stellium of the Earth Star (South Node where we work with our karma) at 18 Capricorn, conjoined with Saturn (where we find our inner authority) at 20 Capricorn and Pluto (where we transform) at 23 Capricorn. This Light Bridge continually asks us to bring nurturing into authority by looking at both our lineage and future to find where we can make changes that are truly transformational, not just for us but for all life on Earth.
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