31 July 2019

8 Leo 36 

11:11 pm EDT , 8:11 Pm PST, 4:11 am (8/1) GT

Hey—ready to come out of the worm hole? Chances are you will land without much difficulty. Working with our Cosmic Consciousness, as time goes by we discover that we are much better at working with change than we thought, and the opportunity to move rapidly is something to be appreciated, not feared. As unsettling as the worm hole may have felt at different moments, we can confidently stand upright, with the Earth beneath our feet and recognize that are ready for some balance and harmony again. Right after the worm hole closes, we step into the Mercury station , which is at the same degree the Sun was-24 Cancer-during the partial lunar eclipse on July 16. This tells us something about deep feelings we wished we communicated but did not feel we could do so during the Full Moon period. It is as if Mercury is holding space for us to step out of the worm hole and address any unfinished business. Mercury will recover his shadow from now until the Full Moon on August 15, and by then any of these lingering feelings should be well resolved.
No matter how much the 3D world may clamor for our attention, travelling at warp speed through the worm hole reminded us that we know there is so much more to the picture. As Stephanie Azaria wrote a few weeks ago, a massive transition took place during the worm hole, where the 3D dimension on Earth moved to 4D. We do not know the full implications of this change yet.  But rest assured it has happened.

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During the latter part of the worm hole, we moved from a Cancer Full Moon, Partial Lunar eclipse to a New Moon in Leo. This was a significant passage regarding the connection we feel to our sense of Self and how we express our emotions. The Sun and Moon represent our core identities—our truest sense of Self (the Sun) and how we really feel (the Moon).  These bodies are also the sources of light on Earth—the Sun during the day, and the Moon (except during a New Moon) at night. Lest we forget, the Sun disposes Leo, and the Moon disposes Cancer. The Cancer Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse allowed us to go deep into our emotional core, visiting even the shadowy parts, and the New Moon in Leo is like the darkest moment just before dawn. Even while the Sun seems not to be shining its light on the Moon, we trust that the Moon will soon reflect back the Sun’s light with a silvery glow. Is it any surprise that it is in the Leo quality of our consciousness where Gratitude and Joy reside?

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It is August, and it is a time to feel the expansiveness of the Sun, wherever you are on the planet. If it is winter, we are remembering the Sun; if it is summer, we are feeling the  heat of the Sun. This New Moon occurs about seven days into the Lion’s Gate, a very special period between July 26 and August 12, where we each have highly personalized access to ancient wisdom. This period is one that is highly energized, and as such, things feel a bit dramatic. This is true in the most beautiful sense, because drama serves to move us to our emotional core like nothing else. And it is here that we can transverse the feelings of greatest exaltation, and also the deepest despair. The trick, of course, is to remember that we are both on stage and in the audience at the same time…

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Adding power to the New Moon at 9 Leo are several new cycles (conjunctions) that give us refreshed relationships with different parts of ourselves. For instance, Varuna (where we expand our vision) is at 3 Leo; Venus (how we love) at 5 Leo; and Mars (how we move) at 19 Leo, and Juno (where we identify Unity consciousness) at 20 Leo. This is a magical moment,  where we can expand our hearts and express the feelings we have. We can feel enormous positive affinity with our own sense of Unity consciousness, and have the confidence that we have made a major leap forward with our emotional intelligence.

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In intimacy (semi sextile) with the Moon is Orcus (where we recognize the immortal) at 10 Virgo. There is some important balancing of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies that can happen during this New Moon passage linked to our sense of being larger than the 3D news of the day. The Moon is in resource with MakeMake (where we tap into Universal Laws) at 4 Libra. Along the “negative” news transmitted to us ceaselessly through media, are also we recognizing the beauty of the world and seeing it mirrored as the divine play? This does not mean that we ignore what looks to be painful and difficult. But we must balance this equally with beauty to consciously play the Game of Life.

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There is an amazing Grand Fire Manifestation (Grand Trine) with the New Moon. Jupiter (where we expand) is at the Great Attractor degree of 15 Sagittarius. This energy is extremely magnetic; and the energy is freely flowing to expand our social consciousness. Chiron (how we whole ourselves) is at 5 Aries and Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) is at 6 Aries. This Grand Manifestation provides a moment of acceptance with things the way they are. This may just be a moment, but it is a highly attractive moment.  It will feel good.  When was the last time we let ourselves stop and say “things are alright, everything is in balance for just this moment?”  The joke is that with every breath we take we can have this experience.

Sunrise, Ashland, Oregon, March 2019

There is a strong stepping stone (square) between the New Moon and Uranus (where we awaken)  at 6 Taurus. Along with Uranus is Albion (where we recognize divine harmony) at 9 Taurus, and Vesta (where we generate devotion) at 18 Taurus. This is an amazing opportunity to see our emotional reactions to anything as what they are—outworn. This is the time to step up and flip our reactions to responses. When we do this, we will be surefooted because the Taurean energy makes it possible to bring our inner teacher voice into our conscious awareness. We can be more aware of the impact of our emotional responses on others. Like a stream of light at dawn touching the tip of a mountain, lighting up the sky, creating the potential for a beautiful new day.
We are still with the Grand Power Cross Road (Grand Cardinal Cross), though it is changing. The Light Bridge between Haumea (where we generate Unity Consciousness) at 25 Libra conjunct the Fixed Star Arcturus (scientific and technological breakthroughs) bridging with Eris (our inner disrupter) at 24 Aries is now moving apart. This Light Bridge is crossing with two powerful stelliums of planets and points in Cancer and Capricorn (representing the Divine Mother and Father respectively). The first side of this Bridge is formed by the Soul Star (Moon North Node, where we activate our destiny) at 18 Cancer; the Fixed Star Sirius (where we access Divine Wisdom) at 14 Cancer; and Mercury (how we communicate) at 24 Cancer. With this combined energy, especially with the Mercury station, we can bring any conversation up to higher ground, to see more than one perspective. This stellium (grouping) is bridging the Earth Star (Moon South Node, where we work with our karma) at 18 Capricorn; Saturn (where we find out inner authority) at 15 Capricorn; Chariklo (where we stabilize energy) at 21 Capricorn; and Pluto (where we transform) at 21 Capricorn. We can bring reassurance that any change in the “Power Over” mindset will be of benefit to all, and is something we have been working toward for ages.

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Using our conscious awareness, we can use the energy generated by this Crossroads during the New Moon to refresh what we each bring to the table. We are all an embodiment of Light, and here on Earth, there must be shadow so we can see that Light. Yes, the polarization of between different sides may appear even stronger during this period. But do not be fooled. This part of our collective consciousness is playing out that bits that need to be gone through, in order to move forward. We can take a moment and be grateful that we have the opportunity to participate in the Grand Drama here on Earth.  It is a privilege to be here, right now.

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Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this New Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send me an email at:

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