FULL MOON over ocean
2019 Scorpio Full Moon
Thursday, May 18, 2019
5:12pm EDT, 2:12pm PDT
Since the New Moon on 5 May, we have travelled along the bridge that exists between the Taurus and Scorpio qualities of consciousness. We can pick any spot on this bridge to view the landscape around us. The Taurean New Moon showed us where fruitful new beginnings could be found, and also where we are perhaps less than fluid and flexible than we would like to be. We have had the opportunity to take a new listen to the inner voice within and gain more respect for our own inner guidance system. If at any point we heard this voice as self-critical or demeaning, rest assured that we were hearing the voice of the ego. Ego takes many guises, including a voice that can be full of praise and sweet words as much as it can be a critic or bully. Our Taurean experience grounded this voice, one way or the other, setting us up for the deep dive into the Scorpio Full Moon. 

Photo by Jean Beaufort, courtesy of https://www.publicdomainpictures.net/en/view-image.php?image=172381&picture=lone-tree-in-fairy-lake

Taurus is disposed by Venus, and Venus continues to be a main player with the Scorpio Full Moon event. Whatever flowered for us since the New Moon has a strong Divine Feminine energy and it is a good time to check in on what our assumptions are regarding this essential part of our consciousness. Do we think we know what the Divine Feminine is, or are we willing to allow our understanding to unfold as our concepts of the mother/father male/female balance are changing now, in different contexts around the planet. This is all about balance, and we are also changing our ideas about this central precept as well. We may find we have a new glimpse of how vast and important this shift is during the Full Moon.
This is the Wesak Moon, the Full Moon that follows the Taurus New Moon. It is a time of spiritual celebration, when all the awakened ones come together to celebrate the paths of the Buddha and Jesus the Christ. It is a moment for many religions to celebrate together, creating an atmosphere of oneness that us unlike any other. This particular Wesak Moon produces a feeling of intimacy, creating an open door for rare and unusual phenomena. Taurus reminded us of how strong we are, and Scorpio opens our hearts with both depth and subtlety. Along the Taurus-Scorpio bridge we can dive deeply into our root system and allow the fullness of our emotional body to be expressed. When we use the polarity consciously, we can manifest what we truly put energy into—whether this is positive or negative is up to us.

Photo by Max Lehmann, used courtesy of https://pixabay.com/photos/naga-lotus-plant-flowers-653215/

The Full Moon is at 29 Scorpio, at the degree where we have the opportunity to realize a master lesson. The lesson does not need to be hard, but with Scorpio there is no hiding. Our Scorpio quality of consciousness is disposed by Pluto (where we transform and regenerate ourselves). Scorpio is where we gain our highest, broadest vision, after we learn to dive deep into our emotional bodies, which starts with the moment of Love from our parents that resulted in our birth.

Pluto, used courtesy of the Jet Propulsion Lab, https://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA19857.jpg

Often associated with our shadow side, Pluto is our internal archetype of change. The process of change always starts with an exploration, and with Pluto we learn to look at shadows. For it is by doing so that we can recognize where and what light is. Finding the shadow side can be as simple as closing our eyes, watching a cloud passing in front of the Sun, or turning an electrical switch to the off position. The shadow side does not denote something bad. By working with Pluto, we can generate transformation and regeneration. From one form to another, from one sense of self to another. The key to transformation is the realization that there are no more veils to hide behind, once you recognize that it is the Self that runs the show.
Pluto is at 23 Capricorn, and is conjunct centaur Chariklo (where we stabilize the wholing process) at 24 Capricorn and is conjunct Saturn (where we find inner integrity) at 20 Capricorn, and the Earth Star (our karmic lineage) at 19 Capricorn. This denotes the rebirth of our inner authority, and a great dissolution of patriarchal archetypes. Why? Because the Earth Star (the South node)—allows us to go deep and look at the karma that causes us to think in terms of power structures such as patriarchy and matriarchy in the first place.
Photo courtesy of NASA. The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) spacecraft's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) captured this view of an apparently Full Moon crossing in front of a Full Earth on 7 August 2015. Seen from the spacecraft's position beyond the Moon's orbit and between Earth and Sun, the fully illuminated lunar hemisphere is the less familiar farside of the Moon.  https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap150807.html
The Full Moon is in intimacy (semi-sextile) with Haumea (where we create connection to Unity Consciousness) at 25 Libra, conjunct the fixed star Arcturus (scientific innovation) at 25 Libra. There also is intimacy with the Galactic Center at 28 Sagittarius and Ixion (where we access our soul’s true purpose), conjunct Jupiter (where we expand) at 22 Sagittarius. This denotes some kind of major integration of new scientific information, or something that suddenly makes sense to us. This could be as simple as learning about the relationship of herbs to medicine, or the way the ocean tides nourish seaweed. The connection to the Galactic Center and Ixion makes to possible to grasp something that seemed obscure in a way that feels both universal and yet quite relevant to us individually. It is possible that at this time religion and science can finally come together in ways that are thoroughly acceptable to us.

Photo courtesy of https://www.maxpixel.net/Buddha-Statue-Naga-Buddhism-Meditate-1284619

The Full Moon is in a Grand Water Manifestation (trine) with Soul Star (where we connect to our evolution-North Node) at 19 Cancer and Black Moon Lilith (unveiling the truth) at 20 Pisces conjunct Neptune (enlightenment) at 18 Pisces. Varuna (greatest vision) at 1 Leo is part of this through translation of light. A Grand Manifestation creates a free flow of energy between signs (qualities of consciousness) of the same element. This manifestation makes it easier for us to use the Scorpio Full Moon to see what we know is true but may not have wanted to see until now. This is the fruition of the Taurean New Moon., after all. Scorpio goes deep, deep, deep, and is willing to uncover that which may have been hidden before.
The Full Moon is in a Light Bridge (opposition) with Sun at 29 Taurus and Sedna (where we access our collective memories of the Divine Feminine) is at 27 Taurus. Again, this is a master degree event and is an awesome opening to a new understanding of what the Divine Feminine could be for us. The question is how we will communicate this understanding. We have to use new words and concepts to do this. Mercury (how we communicate) is at 24 Taurus and Astraea (where we fully realize the Divine Feminine within) is at 19 Taurus. Completing the Taurean stellium (grouping of planets) and adding energy to the Light bridge is Albion (where we hear the divine harmony) at 8 Taurus which is conjunct Venus (how we love) and Uranus (where we awaken ourselves) at 4 Taurus. Be ready to listen for these new words, as they will not be what we expect, yet at the same time they will make so much sense. We will be called to do our part to use them, so they become both common and current in at least our social circles.
There is a second Grand Manifestation taking place during the Full Moon, and this one is in the Earth element. The Manifestation is formed by Venus and Uranus at 4 Taurus, Quaoar (where we discover new thought forms) at 3 Capricorn, and the fixed star Regulus (providing great dignity or elevation) at 0 Virgo. This manifestation connects to the Full Moon through Venus and Uranus (described above) and creates a particular planetary picture, called a Star of David, with Grand Water Manifestation. An earth and water (elements associated with the feminine) Star of David creates a welcoming and stable environment for the Full Moon. The way into the Divine Feminine within ourselves may appear more practical and sensible than we previously thought. Finding a balance between consumption, reuse, and recycling may become easier and more practical, for instance.
The Full Moon in Scorpio provides access to parts of our Super consciousness and Sub consciousness that we may usually ignore. This goes back to how the Scorpio quality of consciousness functions within each of us. We can “cross over” and transform behavior and emotional responses that we are finished with or would like to change. Pluto provides the gateway to the Kuiper belt objects within our known solar system, and as an archetype escorts us into a new territory within our inner Soular system.

Painting by Joachim Patinir, (Charon) Crossing the River Styx, done between 1520-1524, part of Museo del Prado Collection: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Crossing_the_River_Styx.jpg

Providing energy to move us along through the transformation process is the Grand Power Cross Road (grand cardinal cross) that is still very much part of the landscape. This is created by Haumea and Arcturus in a Light Bridge (opposition) with Eris (our inner disrupter) 24 Aries. We are continuously moved by this polarity to use science and technology to improve conditions in the world for everyone on the planet. Crossing this is the Light Bridge formed with Soul Star conjunct the Fixed Star Sirius (where we access the wisdom of the Masters) and Juno (where we find Unity Consciousness) at 14 Cancer in polarity with the Earth Star, conjunct Saturn, Pluto and Chariklo. For instance, just broadcasted worldwide technologically, is news that Taiwan is the first Asian country to legalize same sex marriage, elevating and dignifying loving relationships so they can be seen and celebrated. A Scorpio Full Moon touches our deepest inner identities and helps us realize we all share the same need to be recognized, believed, and loved.
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