27 October 2019

New Moon 4 Scorpio 24

11:37 pm EDT

What a journey through the via combusta (the degrees between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio) we are passing through. Moment by moment, it may seem like we are walking on hot coals. This time is intense, and the Aries Full Moon passage reminded us how personal any challenge, conflict, or uncertainty feels. This can be isolating and alienating, where it might feel like we each are the only ones having these feelings. There is another side to this—we could also feel a new coherence where our most closely held ideals have fresh credibility.
We are all connected through an energy source that we are only beginning to understand, which is Unity Consciousness. Aries reminds us of this by sparking our awareness of the Self; through Scorpio, we are acutely aware that we created the world we live in. Scorpio provides the evidence of what we have manifested in physical form. We know this because we are either happy, indifferent, or angry about it. Scorpio can take us to our deepest most private self and catapult us to our highest vision if we are willing. What is interesting is that prior to Pluto’s discovery in 1930, Mars was the dispositor of both Aries and Scorpio. Hence, the Aries and Scorpio qualities of our Consciousness are linked by the desire to go to places where no one has been before. This is intense—it is the energy of the pioneer—sensing that there is something to discover and having the willingness to walk through fire to reach it. It is breathtaking, and we all engage in this exploration, in our own ways, every day.
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Scorpio New Moon is disposed by Pluto, which is at 21 Capricorn signifying structural transformation, particularly of social justice and all forms of authority. Transformation is needed because the purpose and vision of our current Self-beliefs and collective social structures no longer serve the common need. Where there is Pluto there will be change that takes us to a new place. As a planetary archetype, Pluto ushers us into new dimensions—that go way beyond just a different point of view. Scorpio is the quality of our Consciousness where we make tangible and manifest our understanding of our Selves, creating new things that are out in public on display whether we are aware or not.
The symbol for Scorpio is the crater lake, a caldera formed by the remnants of a volcano, which, of course, is connected deeply to our Earth’s core energy source. Likewise, what we display externally comes from our deepest core: our subconsciousness when we are unaware, and our Super-consciousness when we are working from a point of Self-realization. And how do we know which is which? When we work from a point of Self-Awareness, our dominant desire is to be of service to others.
Crater lake, Oregon, USA. Photo by Zainubrazi, used under the GNU free Documentation License.
The New Moon at 4 Scorpio is travelling in a stellium (grouping of planets and points). Sharing the same Scorpio quality of consciousness with the Sun and Moon, are Venus (how we love) at 24, Pallas Athena (where we find intuitive wisdom) at 25, and Mercury (how we think) at 27. The involvement of Venus, Pallas, and Mercury in Scorpio indicates that if we allow it, any deep delving into how we really feel about something will reap insights that we can be peace with, and execute with confidence. The Sun and Moon are in the via combusta, so this stellium gives us a chance to use the daily drama to transform a situation that may have not seem to have an exit channel.
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In intimacy (semi-sextile) with the Moon is MakeMake, at 6 Libra, with Mars in the background at 15 Libra. There is considerable motivation for a reexamination of the laws we think should govern human behavior. We are continuously reminded by media that without Conscious Awareness, people act to hurt, kill, and harm each other without considering consequence. The Scorpio Moon points to the need for something new. Helping is Quaoar (where we grasp new paradigms) in resource (sextile) to the Moon at 2 Capricorn. We are only as stuck as we want to be, and human history has many positive examples of people being able to create new initiatives and manifest structures that allow people to live in peace, raise families, work collaboratively with meaning and cooperatively within and across borders, with all prospering. These may not be perfect, but these conditions are at this time, conductive to the expansion of consciousness, which is why we long for them.
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The Moon is part of an intersection (formerly T-square) formed of two stepping stones (squares) and a bridge (opposition). This is important because these aspects are all in the Love signs (formerly fixed), where the qualities of consciousness flower but do not seem to move. They are what they are, and as such add incredible depth and dimension. The Scorpio Moon is in stepping stone to the 5D planet Varuna (where we find our highest vision) at 4 Leo. This square reminds us, sometimes shamefully, that we should be stepping up and supporting structures where tensions can be defused. At a global level, the highest vision we have collectively created is the United Nations and its sub-agencies, which work daily to create opportunities for harmony and stability among nations. Most people are unaware of the quiet work done by these agencies. They were born from a collective desire to organize control over wars after the devastation caused by the two World Wars and Hiroshima.
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Bridging (formerly opposition), the Moon is Uranus (where we awaken) at 4 Taurus. The need to move to new ground within ourSelves will become painfully obvious. We may be forced to see things that make us uncomfortable. The global economy (which includes all means and forms of communication) has permeated virtually everyone’s life on the planet and is not being used to mobilize people to do good by each other. Instead we are bombarded with mindless information sharing, where it is easy to lose one’s perspective as to what is right or wrong. And both are always here on Earth because this is the planet that can hold duality. The evolution of the Earth depends on us moving from the lowest to the highest common denominator, which starts with recognizing shared humanity as the first dominant meme. Human life is not a zero-sum game and is not nasty, brutish, and short. It is a precious gift for us all to fully experience Self-realization through Unity Consciousness.
An intersection aspect always has an outlet, which is the quality of consciousness that if present, would make a crossroad, providing many options for release. The outlet for this intersection is the one Love quality of consciousness that is not present—Aquarius in this case. Remember that Uranus disposes Aquarius, and Uranus is bridging the Moon. There is a way forward, and this is for us to remember that we are LOVE and as such are always LOVED unconditionally. When we do this individually, we open to the Other and the walls start to come down faster than it took to build them.
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Providing continuous energy as a backdrop for the transformation made possible through the New Moon is the ongoing Power Crossroad (formerly cardinal cross). The first leg of the cross is formed by the bridge between MakeMake at 6 Libra with the Black Moon Lilith (where we find our inner shadow) at 6 Aries. Also present are Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) at 3 Aries and Chiron (where we whole our Selves) at 2 Aries. We will have the opportunity to see more of what has been hidden and work with it in a productive way, even though it may seem relentless. Crossing this is the bridge between Quaoar and the Earth Star (where we work with our karma) at 11 Capricorn with the Soul Star (where we work with our dharma) at 11 Cancer and the Fixed Star Sirius at 14 Cancer (where we tap into the wisdom of the masters). This relates to what we nurture and support as authority structures in our lives, and what we can envision for our future.
The Scorpio New Moon offers a unique opportunity to use any passions that come up. We can really activate the intersection. We can use this time to go deep—after all, it is our core identity (the Sun) and how we feel (the Moon) that meet up for a refresh during every New Moon. We can use the stepping stone with Varuna to walk on water and lift our vision above what we currently see. We can hop onto the bridge with Uranus and use it to observe our feelings and thoughts and see how these become energy-in-motion (emotion). The awakening we receive through our inner archetype of Uranus will help us transform. This New Moon is deep work, spade work, hands-on, and hands-in work.
“And what do you really do? asked Tiffany.
The thin witch hesitated for a moment, and then:
We look to ... the edges, said Mistress Weatherwax. There's a lot of edges, more than people know. Between life and death, this world and the next, night and day, right and wrong ... an' they need watchin'. We watch 'em, we guard the sum of things. And we never ask for any reward. That's important.”
― Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men

by Gordon Johnson used courtesy of Pixabay

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