May 4, 2019

6:46 pm EDT, 3:46pm PDT, 11:46pm GT

14 Taurus 10


The Libra Full Moon on 19 April was a real eye opener. Prior to the Moon event we saw for the first time an image of the Black Hole Powehi. Since the Full Moon we have had more exposes about discord among and within governments, corruption, and the erosion of virtue in public life at all levels. Because the Libra quality of consciousness is intrinsic to the axiom “as above so below,” working with Libra helps us remember that we are wholly and intrinsically part of the social fabric.
We do not change the world and everyone to be what we want by looking outward. But we can transform our experience of “the world,” by accepting our role and responsibility to live in it and do the best we can. Our role is that we are Source incarnated to have the experience of duality and return to the consciousness of Connected Universal Love on this planet Earth. Our responsibility is to accept that we can’t really blame others for our predicaments, we are part of a co-creation process where we are at once “us and ‘them” at the same time.  Consider this quote from Sir Terry Prachett:


It is an awesome realization-and can be very off-putting to many-to realize that we all live in two places at once all the time—as our individual selves and as the unified Self. We all contain the Libra consciousness within us to remind ourselves of this-continuously and relentlessly throughout our lives. Remember, that Libra Full Moon was at 29 degrees-asking us to gain mastery by walking the razors edge and perceiving both perspectives.
That Full Moon passage has delivered us to the New Moon in Taurus, where we can find fertile ground to reengage with our innermost voice, the one that we all must learn to listen to. Taurus and Libra are in a great eliminator (inconjunct) relationship to each other, which always poses a choice for us to make—take the well-worn more fear-based path of reaction or select the newer heart centered way of response. We may feel like we do not have a choice, when a situation arises (and one does nearly every minute) as to which to choose. Tuning into Taurus can help us see the choices we make, from a solid, grounded perspective, which is based in the sacred heart that we all carry, no matter who we are. Taurus can see the humor or wryness of it all. When we find our inner voice, it is easier to get comfortable with the perspective of living with two perspectives simultaneously.  It can be funny and poignant and can give us some lightness as we each survey our lives and the milieu we live in.

Finding our inner voice and really hearing it takes practice—this is the practice of really being with ourselves. There are many modes of doing this- through meditation, journaling, contemplation, creative expression, deep exercise—whatever we do to get to the point where we feel an inner harmonic at work. Using this inner guidance system is the both the challenge and gift of our Taurus quality of consciousness. The challenge comes from our resistance to listening; the gift is that once we do, we feel integrated, as if we are hearing the music of the spheres.
The New Moon at 14 Taurus is disposed by Venus, and Venus is in Aries, where we experience the divine spark of self-realization. Venus (how we love) at 17 Aries is in an intimate aspect (semisextile) to the New Moon. Every New Moon provides the opportunity for a new beginning, a sense of refreshment, or a time for a do-over. The news of the world may be depressing, but when we look out the window or step outside, we see that the exterior world is still functioning, and yet always in transition. Nothing is ever the same on our planet, and yet it is.  We are constantly changing and yet the same. Taurus helps us see this by waking up our inner vision.
The Moon and the Sun are conjunct Astraea (where we fully realize the Divine Feminine within) at 13 Taurus; These planets are part of a larger stellium that involves Albion (inner harmony) at 7 Taurus, Uranus (how we awaken) at 3 Taurus; and Sedna (where we access our universal knowledge of the Divine Feminine) at 27 Taurus. We may find new ways of feeling comfortable with our Selves, and we may be startled by this realization. The New Moon is in a Great Eliminator with the Great Attractor Black Hole at 14 Sagittarius, so there is a magnetic, powerful quality to the realizations we have.

Working in intimacy (semi-sextile) with New Moon are Vesta (where we find devotion) at 14 Aries; Venus; and Chiron (where we whole ourselves) conjunct Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) at 4 Aries. Filling out this stellium (grouping) are Eris (the inner disrupter) at 24 Aries, and Mercury (how we communicate) at 27 Aries; Chiron and Salacia add to the significance of the New Moon. Old wounds, things that just didn’t make sense or sources of frustration, can be shaken out now, like the wind blowing in the trees. It is important that we do not resist any realizations that we have. And if we do, then our Taurus consciousness will steadfastly make these audible to us, even if we do not want to listen.

The New Moon in resource (sextile) with the Fixed Star Sirius at 14 Cancer; and the Soul Star (North Node) at 20 Cancer provides positive, nurturing energy to anything we start that serves our higher vision and the greater good. As well, the New Moon is in a stepping stone (square) with Black Moon Lilith (where our individual and collective secrets are unveiled) at 22 Aquarius. The Black Moon is manifesting (trine) with Mars at 22 Gemini, adding extra energy and light to help with the unveiling process. How we really feel about others is likely to be revealed at this time. There is no point in hiding our emotions, and they will serve the greater good if we focus our responses through the lens of Love.

Image by In Berkshire Fields, Walter Prichard Eaton, 1920. Harpur and Brothers. New York and London courtesy of


The New Moon forms an energetic Grand Earth Manifestation (grand trine) with Orcus (immortality) at 9 Taurus, and the Earth Star at 20 Capricorn; Saturn (where we find our integrity) at 20 Capricorn, and Pluto (where we transform) at 23 Capricorn. Again, with all the tumult that can be found on the surface of our beautiful planet at any point in time, this Grand Manifestation provides the energy needed for us to take a deep breath long breath and remember why we are here. We can make things better for ourselves and others just by doing this—and for our beloved Gaia.
The New Moon connects to the ongoing Grand Power Crossroad (cardinal cross) formed between the Soul Star/Sirus (by resource) and with the Earth Star/Saturn/Pluto (by manifestation) crossing with Eris/Mercury bridging with Haumea at 25 Libra and Arcturus at 24 Libra. Having a New Moon connect with the Nodes is important, because it offers a new way of looking at our ways of being/doing (or Mother/Father) energies that the nodes are spinning out for us while they are in the Cancer and Capricorn qualities of our consciousness. The New Moon gives us the opportunity to take our understanding of what these mean to each of us up a level, to a more textured, nuanced understanding.
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