30 August 2019

New Moon 06 Virgo 46

6:37 am EDT

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 15 opened many opportunities for awakening to what is in front of us right now. We all saw where we are most comfortable in choosing either Love or Fear and where our sticking points are. Our first response may have been to draw away and say “no, not that again.” Even if we did this, the Aquarian part of our Consciousness made sure that we were aware that we did this. This is how the game is played with our Selves. Sometimes we get it, and sometimes we do not. The purpose of any meditative or mindfulness discipline is to practice awareness so we proactively “get it” more times than not. Aquarius is all about unconditional Love, and loving ourselves as much at a moment of contraction (fear) as we do during a moment of expansion (Love). We practice these moments over and over again, to the point where we accept the “ah-ha” moment and the “uh-oh” response as two halves of the same coin. It is then we have the currency to consciously manifest new experiences. It sounds harder than it is—we are the only ones who create the sense of difficulty. The Truth is we have these awakenings every day, and we are all-whether we are consciously practicing or not-moving toward the experience of Unity Consciousness. This is why each person is here on this planet, at this time. Practice does make the experience easier, though.


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We have moved into the Virgo part of our consciousness, which has two main modalities: the inner master-healer -teacher, and the purity of the Divine Mother energy. What does this mean? Virgo is disposed by Chiron, which represents the master-healer-teacher part of ourselves, where we all have the capacity to heal and whole ourselves. This capability is another part of the standard issue package each of us carries when we are born into a human body. As we grow, we learn how to take care of ourselves, what feels good, what hurts, how to eat, sleep, work, love, be with others, live in a community, and be happy. When we learn how to do this for our Selves, then we are able to truly be of service to others.
The Divine Mother represents the purest form of the feminine. We all experience this as unconditional Love, where we feel so accepted that we can truly relax within our Selves. Every person who has healed themselves or supported someone else knows the first step toward moving from pain to peace is to relax. The Divine Mother energetic reminds us of how important it is to balance the act of creation with nurturing, love, devotion, tenderness, support, and protection. The mechanism for Virgo is to balance spirit, mind, heart, and body. We all know how good this feels when we achieve it. Because we are continuously changing, we need to keep this part of ourselves flexed and well-tended. When we do not, we become fixated on all the issues, the things that are not going well, that hurt, or feel stuck. It is the difference between focusing on a grain of sand or realizing that by lifting our vision, that all beaches are made of sand. Virgo reminds us that we are continually evolving, just like the shore is constantly shifting in response to the water of the ocean or of a river.


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This particular New Moon at 7 Virgo is the second New Moon in one calendar month, which is sometimes called a Black Moon. This type New Moon is considered to be especially powerful and provides extra energy to anything undertaken during this period. It is important to note that during the New Moon, Chiron is at 5 Aries, is in conjunction with Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) at 4 Aries, and is in a stepping stone with Astraea at 6 Cancer. We will encounter many opportunities when those around us may be more worried about problems rather than moving to a way forward, and it will be important to call on our master-healer-teacher skills and Divine Mother energies if this occurs.


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The Moon and Sun come together to produce the New Moon and are part of an 8-part Virgo stellium (grouping). This amazing stellium involves all the personal planets: Sun (our sense of conscious Self), Moon (our sense of subconscious Self), Mercury (how we communicate) at 2 Virgo, Venus (how we love) at 11 Virgo, and Mars (how we move) at 8 Virgo. Every part of our existence can be made whole and loved unconditionally, or nitpicked apart. Other components of the stellium are: Regulus (adding great beneficence) at 0 Virgo; Juno (where we access Unity Consciousness) at 3 Virgo; and Orcus (where we recognize the immortal) at 11 Virgo. We can use the emotional wisdom gained during the Aquarian Full Moon to navigate through all that touches our spirit, mind, heart, and physical parts of our existence. Where there is imbalance, we will see it, and having seen it, then we can do something tangible with it.
In intimacy (semi-sextile) with the New Moon is MakeMake (where we find eternal laws) at 5 Libra. Recognizing what is wrong and what is right will be easier through this aspect. In resource (sextile) is Pallas Athena (where we access Divine Feminine wisdom) at 1 Scorpio, allowing us to effortlessly go emotionally deep when needed.
Importantly, and really activating the Virgo stellium is a Grand Earth Manifestation (grand trine) with a Taurus and a Capricorn stellium. A manifestation creates a channel for energy to flow without impediment. Let’s look at this closely because what goes on during this New Moon affects everyone on Earth. Manifesting with the Moon is Uranus (where we awaken) at 6 Taurus and Albion (where our listening expands) at 9 Taurus. This stellium is completed with Vesta (where we find devotion) at 26 Taurus and Sedna (where we access memory of the Divine Feminine) at 28 Taurus. This is important—because with Sedna there is a master lesson about life on Earth, and what causes it to ebb and flow and change during different epochs.
Forming the other set of manifestations is Saturn (where we find inner authority) at 14 Capricorn and the Earth Star (where we work with our karma) at 17 Capricorn; in a stellium with Chariklo (where we find stability) at 20 Capricorn; and Pluto (where we transform) at 21 Capricorn. Yes, the Earth is transforming before our eyes. Fires are burning the lungs of the world-the Amazon rain forest. It may seem that resources needed to extinguish the fires are impossible to mobilize and beyond human reach. This is not exactly accurate— we have the resources collectively. What is lacking is the political will to make the decision to call in the help and then to regulate access so greed does not dominate forest management. This Grand Manifestation is showing us what we manifest collectively when we are unconscious and driven only by desire for more. Saturn indicates collective social action and is calling us to examine what we feel empowered to do individually. Any change to collective must happen first and foremost within our own consciousness. Otherwise, the issue does not stick and becomes yet another news story. What kind of positive free flowing energy could we manifest?


Image Courtesy of NASA Worldview, Earth Observing System Data and Information System. : “This natural-color image of smoke and fires in several states within Brazil including Amazonas, Mato Grosso, and Rondônia was collected by NOAA/NASA's Suomi NPP using the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite instrument on August 20, 2019. According to Brazil’s space research center INPE almost 73,000 fires have been recorded so far this year. INPE is seeing an 83% increase over the same period in 2018.” Caption by Lynn Jenner. and
There is a choice and a way out of the greed and scarcity cycle. The Grand Manifestation shows where the energy is flowing. The New Moon energy is further shaped by an intersection (T-square) formed with the Black Moon (where our secrets are unveiled) at 10 Pisces and Neptune at 18 Pisces (where we find enlightenment); along with Ceres (what we bring into existence) at 6 Sagittarius and Jupiter (what we can expand) at 15 Sagittarius. We can make a conscious choice about how we live on our beautiful planet, by making this choice in our consciousness. When we do this, we join with others, and can move fires from destruction to purification.


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The Grand Power Crossroad (cardinal grand cross) is still activated. While we can feel the bridge between Eris (our inner disrupter) at 24 Aries and Haumea (where we create Unity Consciousness) dissipating…but the bridge is always there. Joining Haumea is the Fixed Star Arcturus at 25 Libra. Arcturus always energizes scientific and technological advancement. The support for innovative means to address the problems we have created on Earth is within our reach. We have done it before. Crossing is the bridge formed by the Soul Star (Moon’s North Node, where we work with our destiny) at 17 Cancer and the Fixed Star Sirius, where we access the wisdom of the Masters) at 14 Cancer. The polarity holding this bridge is formed with the Saturn/Earth Star/Chariklo/Pluto stellium described above, with the addition of Quaoar (where new access new ways of thinking). New patterns of thought are always available to us and can be brought in at any time. It is never too late, because the past, present and future are not linear. Time is our creation to stay organized in a certain way while we are here.


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We can use this special, extra potent New Moon to dive deep inside and find balance in how we live on and with our beautiful planet. Earth is a reflection of ourselves—we create how we live here as much as she supports our lives.


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