6 March 2019

New Moon 15 Pisces 47

11:04 am EST; 8:04am PST; 4:04pm GT

The Full Moon in Virgo on 19 February woke us up. We yawned, stretched, and looked out a new landscape. Chiron, the depositor of Virgo and the master-healer-teacher, is now moving through Aries and is putting the physical reality of being awake front and center.  The world we encounter each day is fully the expression of our individual and shared projection. We created this world as-it-is for a single purpose: to experience duality fully in all its dimensions and transcend it through Love. Our connection to each other starts with the unified consciousness that creates the shared projection. We then move into our fractal experience by living our individual lives. Virgo, symbolizing the Divine Mother in all her aspects, gives us the tools to work with all four parts of etheric bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. These tools are for the continuous calibration of these four bodies so that the physical existence can continue.

This calibration occurs 24x7 and is directed by our Super Consciousness. We become unaware of how linked these operations are when we are born, and our life work is to pay attention to each etheric body so we experience the balance in different ways over time. The complete four-way balance point brings us to realization that all parts of our experience are knitted together as a wholeness. When this occurs, we experience unity consciousness. The human condition is that we actually reach this balance point with each breath, but we have difficulty remembering this. The simplicity of this reality is too much for us to take in at once, because our attention span is distracted by the experience of duality. To be aware of the unity we all embody, we need to practice paying attention until it becomes an all-consuming habit. The Virgo-Pisces spectrum is one expression of this duality, taking us from sensing the granularity of each etheric body and to the enormity of unity consciousness. It is like looking at the sand on the beach (Virgo) to the endless horizon of the ocean (Pisces).

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The New Moon is at 15 Pisces 47 (16 Pisces), and is disposed by Neptune, where we enlighten ourselves. The Moon and Sun are just 21 seconds from a perfect conjunction with Neptune at 16 Pisces. It is worth reading that sentence again, because what it signifies is a lightening of our emotional body (the Moon) and our consciousness (the Sun). To enlighten refers to illuminate, free from prejudice, revive, and remove blindness. Enlightenment typically refers to a spiritual state where one experiences unity consciousness on a sustained basis.
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There is enormous potential for renewed intention with this New Moon, with Vesta (where we find devotion) also conjunct at 16 Pisces, and clarity with Mercury (how we communicate) stationing and also conjunct the New Moon at 29 Pisces. Mercury reminds us of what we gained through Chiron’s journey through Pisces, and Chiron now at 1 Aries is also conjunct the New Moon! Salacia, the feminine counterpart to Neptune, is conjunct the Moon at 2 Aires and brings the play of light and shadow into focus. Finally, the Black Moon Lilith (how we activate the Divine Feminine) at 25 Aquarius is also conjunct the New Moon, ensuring that we have an opportunity to see everything that we need to see at the moment.
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Adding resourceful (sextile) energy to the New Moon is Mars (how we move) at 14 Taurus and Saturn (where we access integrity) at 18 Capricorn. Whatever self-enlightment we experience, we can give our insights momentum and the imperative needed for whatever action is needed. Sirius, the Fixed Star that provides divine multidimensionality to our intuition is manifesting (trining) with the New Moon at 14 Cancer, making it easier to use the New Moon’s energy. Serving as a stepping stone (square) is Jupiter (where we expand) at 22 Sagittarius and Ceres (where we midlife ourselves) at 11 Sagittarius. This stepping stone reminds us that the act of self-enlightenment is a step upward, and there might be a moment or two of contraction, where we hold our breath in fear of any expansion that causes us to shed beliefs that do not serve us. It is ok if our breath catches a bit or if there is some struggle—it is all part of the birthing process. This enlightenment opportunity is, after all, taking place during the dark of the Moon.
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Taking stock, the personal planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars along with the social planets Ceres, Jupiter, and Saturn, Chiron, and the inner-outer planet Neptune are all closely interacting with the New Moon event. In a bridge (opposition) to the New Moon cluster is the planet Orcus (where we access our immortality), at 19 Virgo. This is gives us the rare opportunity to watch ourselves in action, if we choose to use the observer’s perch that this bridge provides. The New Moon event is like a stage with the curtains closed, with the action starting to occur as we move through the passage to the Full Moon on 20 March.
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During the New Moon is the major event of Uranus’ movement into Taurus. While we can expect the unexpected (Uranus is where we awaken Ourselves), whatever is stirred will be fully grounded and integrated, if just for a second. The movement from our Aries quality of consciousness where we experience the spark of awakening, to where we make it real is a major transfer of energy. Uranus is in a Grand Manifestation with the Fixed Star Regulus at 0 Virgo and with Quaoar (where we access new thought patterns) at 3 Capricorn. This manifestation energy helps ground the Uranian energy from the atmosphere into the Earth, making it accessible to us. Because it is occurring during the New Moon, we will only really recognize the difference when the Full Moon arrives later in the month. Rest assured, everything will start to change on Earth as a result of this sign change with the Uranus.  While it may feel a bit overwhelming, this change is occurring in our individual and collective consciousness, and therefore is in our hands.
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The Power Grand Crossroad (cardinal cross) is still activated, between the Soul Star (North Node) at 26 Cancer in a bridge with the Earth Star (South Node) at 26 Capricorn. This nodal bridge takes us to the foundations of inner nurturing and authority, allowing us to recognize our own inner Divine Mother and Father energy. The Light Bridge between Haumea at 26 Libra (where we create unity consciousness) and Eris (where we disrupt ourselves) at 23 Aries is still active, buttressed by Juno (where we find unity consciousness) at 28 Libra and the Fixed Star Arcturus at 24 Libra. The more we place ourselves at the central junction point of this Grand Crossroad, it becomes easier to stop blaming others for our lives and move to the co-creation perspective. In reality, we are in continuous collaboration with everything around us.  If we were not, it would all come to a full stop. 
This New Moon is big event.  Pisces is where we experience the unlimited quality of our consciousness. It is a big step to translate this from a contemplative mode to action. The time is now to start practicing this movement, and with Uranus in Taurus we will be able to do so in a more practical day-by-day manner. What may have seemed blocked or out of reach before will be easier to recognize, as Uranus provides us with unexpected moments of illumination over the next seven years.
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Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this New Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com