Welcome  to The Cosmic Path, the astrology app that helps you gain insight into your connection with the stars.

When you download the Cosmic Path app you will have access to the wisdom of world renowned Astrologer Stephanie Azaria and  much of the information featured on her popular website,


The app includes:

--Daily astrological information at your fingertips, providing important information about significant planetary events, including what sign the Moon is in, when the Moon is void, eclipses, what planets are retrograde and more.

--Weekly horoscopes for all astrological signs, brand new every Monday.

--The Cosmic Connection Oracle, providing immediate and unlimited answers to your relationship questions.

--The Daily Weather Report, the pearl of www.thecosmicpath.com web site,  offers daily astrological guidance and insight into current planetary events.  Stephanie inspires and empowers  you to navigate your way through the good times and the times in between with a conscious, positive approach.  The Daily Weather Report provides an intuitive perspective of the bigger picture and offers practical ways to embrace the universal forces in your day to day life.


(PLEASE NOTE: The Daily Weather Report is offered in abbreviated form without paid subscription to TheCosmicPath.com. You may subscribe to the Full Length Daily Weather Report directly via the web site,  and receive the complete daily forecast on your phone..The Daily Weather Report is the only paid feature on the website, and subscription is available on a monthly or per year basis).


For more information about Cosmic Astrologer Stephanie Azaria, please visit www.thecosmicpath.com

We wish you well on your journey.

Stephanie Azaria



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